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Mighty Guy

    If you have been on the funbrain arcade there is a game called Mighty Guy.  He is trying to save someone, or something.  The series is not over with Mighty Guy 2, and nobody knows how many they are going to have.  My guess is that it will have three in the series, but I don't know.  This game is not available anywhere else than  I am providing links to the page to play it on a skill level of your pick.  If you look in the url for the page you will find the password.  I hope you enjoy!

Skill Levels

    There are different skill levels 1-8.  One is for people in 1st grade, eight is for people in 8th grade and up.

Mighty Guy

Mighty Guy 1
Skill 1
Skill 2
Skill 3
Skill 4
Skill 5
Skill 6
Skill 7
Skill 8